In this assignment, we were told to create a website that has links to other sites. As far as my opinions and experiences go, I think the unnecessary amount of content speaks for itself. The theme of the site is about competitive swimming.

Despite the popular opinion, swimming is a very important sport. If you take a good look at it, its the only sport that could save your life one day. It is also labeled as the most physicaly demanding thing someone could do by most health officials. I'm not even kidding, this is what health officials are saying, I should know, I have been a year round swimmer for 11 years now. Google it, its worth a google!

In swimming there are four different strokes you need to learn first:
Now of course that's not all there is. Another big thing that could make or break you are your starts and turns.

Speed is everything in swimming. This is why you need to be wearing the right stuff. One of the biggest swim wear providers is TYR. This is where you'd get the most luck finding what you need. They sell thing like speedos, jammers, googles, caps, etc.

Once you have what to wear and know what to do you must now figure out where you're gonna swim. Good places are: