Behold..... a random pumpkin patch!!!

I assume you know why we're here. That's right, it's time for Jack-O-Lantern time!!! Once again, this started in Europe.... a long time ago. The legend says there was a man by the name of Jack Olantern. He was said to be one of the worst people in all of Europe. When he died he was so bad he was kicked out of hell, which is a very hard thing to do. Once back to Earth, Satan gave Jack a flame from Hell and placed it in a turnip. People began carving turnips and putting candles in them to scare him away, which doesn't make much sence because if he carries one around, why would he be scared of it. Common sence was not a popular consept back then I suppose. After many deacades the turnip was replaed with a pumpkin. Halloween finally had its trademark.