Hello, my name is Christopher Steven Pinkston. I was born January 5th 1999. Growing up, I helped with the family buisness. I spent my weekends selling cinomman rosted almands, pecans and cashues. When I was 5 years old a I joined a swim team and have been doing it year round ever since. I was in a private school until middle school. It was definatly a big ajustment, but I've always adapted quickly. This was really put to the test when my parents got divorced when I was 10. Though it was difficult at first, again, I adapted quickly. Its really weird seeing some of the people I knew back from the private school here in LHS... man... some really got messed up in the past 5 years. I left that place for a reason!!! Now they're freaking here and more messed up than before (not bullying me anymore, but still)!!!